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David R.Griffith

Practice Areas

Agricultural Law

We provide legal representation for agribusiness related to ground leases, crop share agreements, lease options, shared well agreements, boundary disputes and farm labor issues.        


Business Law

Business law encompasses a multitude of transactions that are each unique to your business.  Whether drafting contracts or assisting with day-to-day operational problems, we provide our experience and legal expertise to solve problems and advance your objectives.  


Business Litigation

Sometimes the differences or grievances in a business relationship can result in claims or damages that require a court to decide the rights and liabilities of the parties.   We litigate business disputes in both state and federal courts.  Because the costs of litigation can cripple a business, we vigorous advocate our clients’ position as needed but take a proactive approach to anticipating probable outcomes and assisting our clients in finding costs effective and expeditious resolutions.


Civil Litigation

Providing civil litigation representation at all phases to clients for a variety of disputes.  We provide early evaluation of claims and defenses as a first step to assist our clients with planning a cost effective and expeditious resolution of litigation matters.  While we are vigorous advocates for our clients, we continually try to find informal avenues of resolution, whether by mediation or substantive dialogue with adversaries, to gain a cost effective expeditious outcome.



Representation of contractors and owners in development, construction, material and supplier transactions and well as litigation of claims for payment, failure to perform, mechanics’ liens, and defects.                  


Corporate Law

Business formations for corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, limited partnerships, joint ventures and sole proprietorship.   Our experience can help you evaluate and navigate the risk and suitability of the business vehicle to meet your business needs as well as adjust to an ever changing business environment.


Employment Law 

Developing an Employee Handbook, hiring and firing decisions, risk analysis for employment and labor claims, as well as strategies to find solution to or defend disability, wage and discrimination claims.   


Estate Planning

Evaluation of your assets and needs to find planning solutions to accomplish your goals while seeking to avoid the pitfalls of post-death disputes and administration.   We offer a full range of planning from simple pre-death titling of assets to avoid probate to wills and trust. 


Probate and Probate Litigation

Representation of clients as beneficiaries, executors, administrators and creditors of a decedent’s estate.   Probate representation typically involves the court’s administration of a person’s estate after death whether by will or intestate succession (i.e., no will).  


However, we also litigate probate matters such as creditor claims against the decedent’s estate, questions regarding the rights or recognition of designated or omitted heirs, claims for breaches of fiduciary duties by administrators, recovery of assets, elder abuse, undue influence, and determination of the validity of will, trust and other transfers.


Real Estate and Real Estate Litigation

Providing a full range of representation for transactional real estate matters including commercial, residential and agricultural buy-sell agreements, securing of debts by a Deed of Trust, leases, boundary rights, and easements.



Services are also provided for disputes related to commercial, residential and agricultural buy-sell agreements, leases, debts, boundary rights, easements, trespass, damage to real property, and quiet title to determine rights to real property.     


Transactional Law  

The relevant laws and legal issues for a transaction depend on a number of factors, including the jurisdiction in which the parties and the relevant assets are located, the nature and structure of the transaction, the commercial agreements governing the transaction and any legal, regulatory or

procedural requirements that need to be satisfied in order to give effect to the transaction.


We assist clients with transactions in a number of ways as follows: advising on laws applicable to a transaction and on the appropriate structure; that should be adopted to manage and minimize the risks; drafting contracts and other documents; helping clients with the negotiations; and, helping clients with the management and execution of the transaction.


Trust Administration 

Trust administration is the process of administering a settler’s assets after the death.  Proper notice and administration is necessary to protect the successor trustee and beneficiaries. We can assist in all aspect of trust administration for both small and large estate.  It is important to note that early notice to beneficiaries and creditors can eliminate many disputes that arise simply because no information has been provided.   


Trust Litigation

We represent trustees, beneficiaries and creditors and provide a wide range of legal services for trust litigation such as disputes over accounting, creditor claims, questions regarding the rights or recognition of beneficiaries, claims for breaches of fiduciary, recovery of assets, elder abuse, undue influence, and determination of the validity of trust instruments and other transfers.